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Winter Exhibition 11 November until February

Cathy Wagstaff

Cathy Wagstaff is a French-born landscape artist based in Highland Perthshire, having previously lived in numerous locations throughout Europe and Scotland.

For Cathy, being in the landscape is synonymous with freedom. The beauty of the ever-changing light, the spirit of a place and awe of the natural world are constant inspiration and a metaphor for hope.

Cathy creates atmospheric semi-abstract paintings in mixed media and acrylics. She starts by sketching outside on location to record the lines, shapes and colours, and back in the studio refines her sketches and mark making to record the compositional elements. She uses photos and videos as an aide-mémoire but never paints directly from them. The finished series of connected yet unique paintings reflect her impression of a place.

She hopes her work will uplift you every time you look at it on your walls.