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Summer Exhibition 2024 - 15 June - 29 September

Fiona Matheson

Fiona Matheson is an award-winning artist whose contemporary, expressive landscapes are exhibited widely and held in global private collections. As a graduate of the Winchester School of Art, Fiona’s distinctive textural style emanates boldness, vibrancy, and atmosphere. Based in her studio at Inverness Creative Academy, she works in both oils and mixed-media and her unmistakably personal landscapes capture the uncompromising essence of the North.

Fiona’s work is materials led. Experimental mark-making and a creative use of materials is derived from her training in textiles and as Senior Designer for Courtaulds Knitwear. To combine this approach with the imagery of her surroundings can be unpredictable and challenging.

“The process is as exciting as the outcome…. I am always looking for visual elements that interest me which build in my subconsciousness like a virtual sketchbook”.