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Summer Exhibition 2024 - 15 June - 29 September

Fred Gordon

Fred Gordon is an award winning young British sculptor, passionate about wildlife, conservation and the natural world. Born in 1993, Fred did a Foundation Diploma at Falmouth and has a MA Hons in History of Art and French from Edinburgh University. Having continued to produce work throughout his degree, on graduating in 2017 he immediately threw himself into creating sculpture full-time.

With minimal formal training, Fred has learnt through combined experience and total commitment. With an acute sense of observation, instinctive approach and striking ability, he captures a real sense of spirit, movement and energy in his work. Fred has travelled widely to study his subjects first hand in their natural environment, drawing his subjects from the British countryside and experiences further afield, including Sri Lanka and a three month artist residency in Limpopo, South Africa. Working directly from life, Fred sketches, photographs and where possible creates small maquette studies in front of the animals. Looking at their anatomy and behaviour, he takes this source material back to his studio to work up the pose and form in the final pieces.

Rather than create an exact impression, Fred is looking to capture a moment, a nuance in the movement and an instinctive sense of character in the pose. He then looks for greater intricacy in the details and the faces.