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Spring Exhibition 2024 - 16 March - 10 June

Helen Gordon

With an acute sense of the ridiculous in any given situation, Helen endeavours to capture the humour in whatever piece she is working on. Whilst inspired, always, by other artists, she likes to put a new spin on her work to make it her own. If a viewer stops for just one moment to view, reflect and, above all, smile at a piece she has created, then she feels she has succeeded in her work.

Based in the West Country, Helen has been working and honing her sculpting skills for some 20 years. She lives in the Chew Valley with her husband and has two boys, both of whom are in London with the youngest (Fred Gordon) being an accomplished sculptor in his own right.

"I have been interested in Art my whole life and agree with the sentiment that the wise artist realises that they are forever a student. Compared to the greats of art history, I recognise that I am a beginner and enjoy the opportunity presented by each day that keeps the wonder alive for the artist who is willing to explore, question and reconsider."