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Pascale Rentsch is a Swiss born artist living in East Lothian, Scotland. She graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art in 1999. Pascale lives in Haddington, in close proximity to countryside, hills and coast. In March 2021 she was awarded with the Visual Artist and Craft Makers Award to part fund her film project This is My Voice. A short film draws on Pascale’s inspirations and focuses why painting in nature is important for her as an artist and as a human-being.

“I draw and paint en plein air, outdoors, directly from nature in all weather conditions. I work instinctively, following my feelings, capturing nature and the elements in a spontaneous manner. My language is paint and like a conductor guiding an orchestra, I enjoy working outside with my materials, exploring mark-making and connecting with my surroundings, reacting to what I see, feel and hear. I love the fact that whenever I am in nature, I know I will always find something beautiful, something that touches me however small and insignificant it might appear.”