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Pascale Rentsch is originally from Switzerland and has made Scotland her rooted Homeland. She is drawing and painting directly from nature in the great outdoors in all weather conditions, reacting to what she sees, feels and hears using a variety of different materials.

Pascale graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Honours degree in Drawing and Painting in 1999 and became the Artist in Residence at Edinburgh Zoo. After raising her family, Pascale has been working as a freelance artist and many of her pieces are in private collections.

“I draw, paint and create instinctively, follow feelings rather than worked out thoughts. I am trying to incorporate the now, the presence of my surrounding, to give truth, honesty and spontaneity to my work. My goal is to become one with what I paint, feel, see and hear and it is important for me to set my feelings free. Like a conductor and his baton, guiding his orchestra, my arm merely an extension of what I am feeling, in awe of what I see in front of me.”