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Pat lives in central Fife and retired from teaching in 2004 to become a full-time artist. Pat is an accomplished water-colourist and oil painter. However, in 2002 she started to work in textiles and mixed media. Her passion for this medium brought her spectacular success, with commendations and a ‘best in show award’ from her earliest works.

Pat’s work is inspired by what she sees around her, both in her native Scotland and on her travels. She works with layers, mirroring those created by time and the elements. These consist of washes or blocks of colour in paint or fabric, which are built up gradually and sometimes erased or obscured. She likes to include relevant text, either printed or written, which then becomes a subtle element of the work. Pat may use several media and various techniques to achieve the desired result.

Pat Beveridge

Purple Petals


Pat Beveridge

A Spritz of Snowdrops


Pat Beveridge

The Gyles, Pittenweem


Pat Beveridge

Distant Hills