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There are many more pieces by Pauline Beautyman (Sea Drift Pottery) available in the gallery itself, including bowls, mugs, jugs, cups, espresso cups and more.

At Sea Drift Pottery, Pauline Beautyman makes small batch handmade ceramics, thrown on the pottery wheel in stoneware clay and made to be used everyday. The pottery is created to be used and enjoyed every day around the home. It is fully functional, dishwasher and microwave safe, plus it looks great.

Pauline is inspired by the features and colours of Argyll, Scotland where she lives. From trees, hills and rugged shorelines to smooth sandy beaches and turquoise water, this corner of the country has plenty to offer any artist. By creating her own glazes and and layering up slips and scratching through clay, she develops ceramics that to her speak of home.